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About Honduras Child Alliance

big-sis-babyThe Honduras Child Alliance projects were initiated in response to our awareness that the cycle of poverty in Honduras is perpetuated through lack of education.  As we look at the bright faces of the children in our community, it is impossible to not be conscious of the enormous wasted potential within these young lives due to lack of opportunity.

The heart of our program lies in the combined passion of our volunteers, project managers, donors, and directors. From all over the world and from a true diversity of backgrounds, we are united by our love of children – – for who they are and for who they can become. This shared dedication blends into a unique and effective skill-set to support our educational and humanitarian projects. As we collaborate to create viable opportunities for children in Honduras, we welcome volunteers, sponsors, and co-operation with like-minded organizations.

Our work with children . . .

We want children to learn to make good choices, so we help students distinguish between fact, opinion, interpretation, and judgment. 

We encourage creative problem solving – – so we inspire children to use their imaginations.

We support our students as critical thinkers, so children are invited to ask questions and evaluate potential answers.

We expect children to become engaged citizens – – so they are held accountable for their actions.

We wish for our children to live in a peaceful world, so we model solving conflicts without violence.