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– Directors –

Eve Herowitz Headshot 1Eve Horowitz (USA) is the founder and Executive Director of the Honduras Child Alliance and she coordinates the recruiting and placement of our international volunteers. Her big motivation (revealed here) is that although everyone knows that she gets mucho satisfaction from bringing volunteers to work with the children in Honduras, she also gets tremendous joy from observing the impact on each volunteer as they return to their home countries. They are transformed and never quite view their lives in the same way as before. They’re not just changing Honduras – they are changing the world!

In addition to focusing on fundraising & program development, Eve brings a blend of creative and operational strengths to Honduras Child Alliance. With 20+ years of management & leadership experience, she is an accomplished fundraiser and commercial writer and specializes in training and development. With a B.A. in Education from Goddard College, she also has a Certificate in Fundraising from the University of Pennsylvania and is currently enrolled at the International Institute for Restorative Practices. When not in Honduras, Eve resides in Pennsylvania, USA.

First visiting Honduras in 1992, Eve initially considered sponsoring Honduran children in need as a cross-cultural experience for her own two kids. As she understood more about the social issues facing children in Honduras, her involvement grew. Recognizing that her actions and support could create immediate, tangible improvement in the children’s lives she began developing volunteer-powered programs that have evolved to become HCA. Eve travels to and from El Porvenir 4-5X each year and considers Honduras her second home. She views the Honduras Child Alliance as, “a wish come true”. Contact Eve at Eve@honduraschildalliance.org

Elizabeth (Liz) Bender (USA) is HCA’s Director of Curriculum and Programming.

Liz started working in El Porvenir by doing four volunteer stints from 2009-2012, spending about one-year total volunteering before returning as our on-site Program Manager for an additional year in 2015-16. During her time in El Porvenir, she’s realized that beyond teaching basic academics, she is passionate about providing education and support in keeping the children healthy, sparking her recent completion of a degree in Public Health. Liz says, “Since my first time volunteering with HCA, I have felt connected to El Porvenir, the programs, and the kids! This program means so much to me and the opportunity to continue this work in a leadership position is immensely satisfying!” Liz brings a broad range of skills to HCA and returns regularly to help train volunteers, implement curriculum, and give support to our on-site Project Managers. Liz has been the impetus behind our new scholarship program to help students who have attended our elementary age programs continue to graduate high school. Contact Liz at Liz@honduraschildalliance.org

 Edwina (Eddy) Moran (Australia)  is HCA’s Director of Volunteer Engagement. Currently working in social policy development for local government in Melbourne, Australia,  Eddy first volunteered in El Porvenir in 2016 and then returned as the 2017-18 Program Manager. With a wealth of multi-talented volunteers who wish to remain connected from afar, Eddy’s role is to develop and oversee committees and individual projects to support Curriculum, Fundraising, Volunteer Recruiting, PR, Finance, Technology, and more. Whether you’re an artist or an accountant, your help is valuable and needed. Please check in with Eddy to let her know you’re interested. Contact Eddy at Edwina@honduraschildalliance.org.

– In-country Admin Manager –

Taber Merren (Honduras) serves as HCA’s In-Country Admin Manager.  He first became involved with HCA when he began attending our english classes. From there, he became a volunteer, then an intern, and now is a member of our in-country leadership team. When he is not busy with HCA, Taber is a university student studying Business Administration. Contact Taber at taber@honduraschildalliance.org

– Education Coordinator –

Dania (Honduras)
serves as HCA’s Education Coordinator. She graduated from Universidad Pedagógica Nacional Francisco Morazán and is a teacher in La Ceiba. Dania has worked with HCA since 2018, leading PEP classes and teaching Adult English classes. She hopes to use the role as Education Coordinator to continue inspiring and motivating students in El Porvenir to follow their dreams. Contact Dania at dania@honduraschildalliance.org

– Program Manager 2019-2020 –

HCA’s 2019-20 Program Manager is Fae Krakowska (UK). Fae recently completed a Master’s degree in Conflict, Security and Development at the University of Exeter, UK. She is a keen traveler, writer, and photographer and has spent time traveling and volunteering in Nicaragua, Guyana, Israel, Australia, and New Zealand.. Prior to working for HCA, Fae was a Support Worker at a housing project for vulnerable homeless adolescents. She also worked for the British Red Cross on the Crisis Response Team in London.

Amongst Fae’s professional interests is the empowerment of disadvantaged and marginalised groups through education and confidence-building, and Fae is very excited to be working on the HCA team in a managerial capacity. She hopes to make a genuine positive contribution to HCA and those living in El Porvenir, and looks forward to working with the local community as well as coordinating a proactive team of international volunteers and local ‘ayudantes’ (interns). Contact Fae at Fae@honduraschildalliance.org

– Outreach Manager 2019-2020 –

Molly Gibbons (USA-MT) was HCA’s Outreach Manager for 2019-2020.  When asked about her time as Outreach Manager Molly said,” The best part about being the outreach manager is being able to make those meaningful connections in the community. I will always treasure those afternoon granitas with Iris and Montoya, those family dinners with the volunteers and the bomberos, and even the long meetings with the principals of the local elementary school to plan activities with the schools. Every single day I learned something new from each member of the community and I will be forever grateful for that.” Contact Molly at Molly@honduraschildalliance.org

– Development Manager 2019-2020 –

Victoria (Tori) Montemurro (USA) was HCA’s Development Manager for 2020. She is also Co-chair of the Scholars Committee.Tori was serving as in-country Development Manager until COVID-19 forced her to return to the states. She continues to stay involved in fundraising and development for Honduras Child Alliance, in addition to her work with the Scholars Committee, and hopes to return to El Porvenir soon! Contact Tori at tori@honduraschildalliance.org.

– Education Coordinator 2019-2020 –

Rachel Dodd (UK) served as HCA’s first Education Coordinator through the fall of 2019 and early 2020. Rachel says, “As the PEP+ programme now operates 3 classrooms in 3 different neighbourhoods, I think that the role of an Education Coordinator is fundamental for ensuring that classes are consistently delivered to a high standard.

The Education Coordinator can make sure that each class has a strong educational focus as well as training and mentoring new interns and international volunteers.  As ‘consistency is key’ when it comes to education, I believe that it would be extremely beneficial for this position to be held by somebody on a long-term basis in order to fully understand the needs of the students and effectively monitor their progress over time.”

 – HCA Advisory Board –

Maggie Dekker (USA-PA)  serves as Co-chair of the Scholars Committee and as a Reference Reader for incoming volunteers. She first volunteered at HCA in 2016 and returned for a full year in 2017-18 as HCA’s first-ever Outreach Manager. Maggie’s big heart translated to great success in Outreach as she spearheaded several fundraising initiatives including renovating PEP-Centro and greatly increasing HCA’s monthly donors. A graduate of Temple University in Philadelphia, PA where she majored in sociology. Maggie is currently working as a Client Advocate at the Defender Association of Philadelphia while she is applying to study Law. Maggie is extremely passionate about and connected with the children of El Porvenir and regularly returns to see all of their happy faces. Contact Maggie at Maggie@HondurasChildAlliance.org

AmandaDoctora Amanda Radisic (USA) wears many hats at HCA. She has been the liaison for our healthcare volunteers and has previously served as our Donations Manager.  

Amanda made her first trip to Honduras in 2011, and from that point on, she was hooked. She started volunteering with HCA in 2013, and continues to return several times each year. One of Amanda’s favorite things about working with HCA is collaborating with warm and welcoming residents of El Porvenir, and engaging them in our projects.

Amanda currently serves on the HCA Scholars Committee and continues to help in a myriad of ways! A native of the Philadelphia area, Amanda graduated from medical school in May 2018 and is now completing her residency as a trauma surgeon. She hopes to use her medical training to continue to serve the place she considers her “second home.”

Lynda Lawrence (USA) serves on the Honduras Child Alliance advisory board as a mentor for the in-country Healthy Snacks coordinators. Lynda is currently a Health Coach for a non-profit clinic in NYC for the underserved population with chronic diseases. She gives nutrition counseling along with hosting groups for diabetes management. She is working towards her Masters in Nutritional Science to become a dietitian. She also teaches medical yoga and connects yoga teachers with non-profits around NYC. 

Lynda first volunteered with HCA as the first on-site Healthy Snacks Ambassador in 2017 where she fell in love with the kids, the community, and the mission to better the wellbeing of El Porvenir through nutrition. She has since put together several nutrient dense recipes, helps create nutrition lessons tying kids to the origin of their food, and makes connections within the community to involve more locals in the making of the snacks. 

Rustom Dalal (Ireland) is HCA’s Treasurer. Currently working with KPMG as an International Tax Consultant, Rustom has been associated with HCA since December 2015 when he came to El Porvenir for a month as a volunteer to help with budgets and finances, and draft up a report on HCA’s Healthy Snacks program! Albeit relatively short, a month with the HCA team was enough to ensure that Rustom stayed affiliated with the organization on an ad-hoc basis on any matters concerning finances, up until taking on the role of the Treasurer in January 2020.

Ever since his time in Honduras in 2015, Rustom has been convinced in his belief that education is the best way to create lasting impact at the grassroots of society and was amazed at the positive change brought about in the El Porvenir community by the organization. A Chartered Accountant by training, Rustom graduated from Brandeis University with a Masters in International Economics & Finance in 2016, and hopes to use these skills to assist HCA for the years to come.

Erin Dowd (USA) serves on the HCA Advisory Board in the area of Curriculum Development and has an ongoing involvement in the implementation of the PEP+ curriculum. In her professional life, she is a global education consultant and founder of JRNEY, a website dedicated to amplifying teacher voice through global stories from the field. She is also a founding member of Teach SDGs and currently serves as Committee Liaison for the organization, the professional learning chair for the ISTE Global Collaboration PLN, and was named an ASCD Emerging Leader for 2017. A former teacher and curriculum director of over 13 years, Erin has spent her career working to provide equitable education for students all over the world. Connect with her on Twitter @globaljrney.

Rikke Soendergaard (Denmark) has done a variety of humanitarian, volunteer work, and research in Honduras since 2005. Currently, Rikke coordinates our training partnership with the Bomberos Porvenir (firefighters) which focuses on first aid, pre-hospital care, and community service. Rikke also advises on fire safety at our volunteer houses and gives first aid instruction to our volunteers.

Rikke served as the HCAs very first Project Manager and launched the first Vacation Activities Program (VAP) back in 2010. Rikke emphasizes the importance of immersing oneself into the local culture, and thereby learn from members of the community. She works to ensure that our projects meet the actual needs of the local people and that we always foster their involvement and ownership. Fun fact: Rikke has two heart-adopted families in Honduras, one in La Ceiba and one in El Porvenir. The youngest daughter in her family in El Porvenir was named after her, something that touched Rikke very much.

In Denmark, Rikke is an experienced Instructor within Firefighting and First Aid. She holds a Master’s Degree in Development and International Relations and a Bachelor’s Degree in Languages and International Business Communications (English/Spanish). Rikke can be contacted at mail@rikke.es

– Volunteer-powered Reference Checkers – 

Andy Andy Long (Australia) started volunteering with HCA in October 2013 and ended up returning on 3 separate occasions since, for 7 months total. Andy continues to support HCA by helping with our volunteer recruitment. He says, “I support volunteers going to Honduras because it is important to experience and understand other cultures and situations, and participate in improving them if that is a possibility. Also, El Porvenir is a wonderful town with some beautiful people.” Thanks Andy and we’ll be waiting to see you in El P sometime again soon!

Maggie Dekker (USA-PA)  see bio above – – In addition to Co-Chairing the Scholars Committee, Maggie helps check references for incoming volunteers.


Christina Durso (USA) Christina volunteered at HCA in 2014. Prior to coming to Honduras, Christina was an elementary school teacher. Her passion for education and desire to help expand opportunities for children in underserved populations are what led her to volunteer. Since her time in El Porvenir, Christina has received a Master’s Degree in School Counseling and is currently a school counselor at the elementary level. Some of her favorite memories in El P include planning and teaching kinder classes, VAP, and playing with the kids at the beach and in el campo. Thanks Christina, we’re happy to have your help!

Blackboard at PEP2

“I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy.” ~ Rabindranath Tagore