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The following are some books, blogs & videos to give a closer-up view of the Honduras Child Alliance programs, community, children, and volunteers.

                                                      ONE YEAR LIVED by Adam Shepard


Volunteer, Adam Shepard has published his third book and it includes a chapter describing his two months working with HCA during the Vacation Activities Program (VAP)! 

“We had just returned  from a morning spent playing outside, the whole group was strewn across the concrete floor around me—sweaty, every one of them—and here was my orientation: Erlin, all four and a half feet, eighty pounds of Erlin, sat near my lap, beseeching me to read the book again, the first time this had happened to me since my arrival in El Porvenir. Story time can be fun, but it’s never quite as fun as soccer or Steal the Bacon or jumping rope or races. For them, story time is the brief-as-we-can-make-it gateway from snack time to time back out on the field.But here they were, ordering another reading. “Otra vez!” they all shouted, one on top of the other. “Otra vez!”  Click to Read More  

A day in the life of a Honduras Child Alliance volunteer!

‘FebMester in Honduras; Blog by Lila Sternberg-Sher 


Freeze Dance at PEP2!

Toronto to El Porvenir

Building Baños

Slip & Slide at VAP

Our friend Oscar Funez explains water issues that face our municipality of El Porvenir.

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• Here’s how volunteers responded to Tim Flanagan’s survey about why they volunteer at HCA:  WHY THEY DO IT