Farewell Lis and Thank You!!
By: admin
Sep 17, 2013

Lis cropLisanne Pols (Holland)  was our HCA Project Manager from January 2013 thru August 2013. She came to El Porvenir via volunteering in an elementary school in northern Canada and teaching English as a second language in New Zealand. Originally from Holland, Lis graduated university with a degree in psychology.

Lis was instrumental in supporting the HCA volunteers as we transitioned into becoming a new organization.  She welcomed and oriented volunteers, supervised planning, developed curriculum for PEP, and promoted teamwork thru weekly meetings. Lis helped host work groups and helped facilitate two of the baño projects. In partnership with HCA director, Carly Sellers, Lis has worked hard to develop a complete Project Manager manual so that future managers have guidelines, structure, and support.

We wish Lis well in future endeavors and look forward to return visits to El Porvenir!