45 New Uniforms!
By: Faith St. John
Apr 6, 2016

The school year in Honduras runs from February thru November and so yesterday was the first day of school in El Porvenir!

This year HCA was able to give out 45 uniforms to our students thanks to the generosity of our donors. I can’t tell you how happy and excited they were to receive them! They had been asking all week and when they finally had them, the smiles were a mile long! For some of these kids, receiving these uniforms meant the difference between going to school this year or not going at all.

It’s pretty easy to forget that kids love to learn! It may be like pulling teeth sometimes to get them to go everyday or do their homework but they always have a drive to learn more and a curiosity to explore. Thank you so much for helping fostering this and helping these kids have access to education!