Arriving in El Porvenir
By: admin
Feb 17, 2017

New volunteer Sam Faktorow (USA) shares his initial thoughts on arriving in El Porvenir to work with Honduras Child Alliance.

This isn’t my first time abroad.

Growing up, I was fortunate enough to have parents who believed in the value of travel and experiencing other cultures. Various life experiences have taken me to far off places all around the world—London, Greece, Spain, China, Morocco, Israel, Vietnam, and so many more. However, Central America, aside from two days in Costa Rica and two days on Roatán, has remained dubiously unexplored by me, a mysterious land bridge of Mayan ruins, Caribbean beaches, and deep rainforests. So, when I felt the restlessness in my bones and the wings on my feet growing, I took it upon myself to create an experience in this part of the world. Then, through sheer grit and determination (and, of course, a bit of research), I came upon the Honduras Child Alliance (HCA).

Perusing the website, I could see that HCA was an organization with ‘heart’ that was determined to make a big difference in a place with little means. Executive Director Eve’s sunny disposition and the positive vibes in each of the videos struck a chord with me, so applying, interviewing, and accepting a position down here was a simple choice.

I have been here just about two weeks now, and while I am certainly still adjusting to life in tiny El Porvenir, I am happy with my decision to come here and slow down for a little while. Time has taken on a new meaning to me: the days are long and hot while the pace is languid and buoyant. Buses come when they come. Of course, I did not expect to live in a lap of luxury, but I am feeling out of my element, like I’ve been ripped out of my temperate little city at the edge of the Great Plains and have been dipped into a tropical furnace where I am always sweaty and gasping for water. But that’s part of the adventure!

So, here’s the moment where I put my initial homesickness aside and throw myself into Honduras and why I came here. Where I remember I am here to serve, not to focus on my ego. In just a few days, our kids will return and classes will begin!


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