La Caravana
By: Tori Montemurro
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Oct 25, 2018

In response to the Trump Administration’s comments and reaction to the caravan of migrants from Central America hoping to get to the United States:

     In our work in El Porvenir over the last 10 years we have experienced first hand the kindness, resilience, and courage of the Honduran people. We have worked with their children, their teens, and with them as adults, and we are grateful to be a part of their community. Nonetheless, we recognize that El Porvenir, as with all of Honduras, is hurting. There are not enough job opportunities, a struggling economy (due in large part to exploitive countries such as the United States), and violence mainly in Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula. Many people face daily food insecurity, are unable to find jobs to support themselves, and find their families are targeted by corruption. These conditions leave people with no alternative but to leave.

     We work with many children who have parents and close family members who have left for the United States, who they may never see again. Let us be clear, no parent chooses to leave their children behind except out of the sheer hopelessness of having no other alternative. Similarly, what parent would choose to walk over 2000 miles with their children for the small hope that maybe there might be something better waiting for them except out of love and desperation to do anything in your power to provide for your child? For the Trump Administration to make comments against the character of the people in the caravan is not only cruel and unfounded, but disregards the horrifying decisions that no parent should have to make.

     Via educational enrichment and healthy living programs, Honduras Child Alliance empowers children, teens, and adults to have more available options and to access opportunities. People don’t want to leave Honduras, but they feel like they have to. We want to help be part of a solution that supports people to stay in their homes, in their communities, and with their children. Volunteering with Honduras Child Alliance makes you part of the solution!

On behalf of the Board of Directors & Advisory Board of Honduras Child Alliance.
By Elizabeth Bender, Director of Programming and Curriculum,


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