Meet Taber, our #1 Ayudante
By: Tori Montemurro
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Nov 24, 2018

Who are our ayudantes?

With a decrease in volunteer applications, we’ve developed an exciting new program to bring in ‘ayudantes’ (interns). They are Honduran young adults who have been part of our program who are being trained to work side by side in the classrooms with the international volunteers. This is a win/win/win in that it provides work experience for the ayudantes, great role models for the kids, and a blended work environment for the international volunteers. It’s also a great way to make the HCA program more sustainable since the ayudantes can become ongoing trained staff.

Meet one of our ayudantes, Taber!

A few words from Taber…

     “A few years ago I started to go to English class in HCA, I liked to learn English even though it was hard. I kept practicing and coming to class, I started to make friends from different countries and I loved to spend time with them. I can practice English with them and they can practice Spanish with me. After that I started volunteering, I like to make friends and help when I can so it was a good idea. I found out how amazing children can be.  They ask things that I used to ask, do things that I did, and it’s funny, reminds me of when I was a kid. We all can learn something from them.  It doesn’t matter if you’re having a bad day, they can fix it.
After volunteering, months later I started to work for this organization. In the morning I go to the university and in the afternoon I work. 
 Sometimes I’m really busy with my classes and I can’t work but they understand and they give me more time to do my things in my university. I keep going to English classes in the night after a long day. I’m teaching in the classroom with the volunteers. I do Study-Buddies, sometimes I work as a translator and other things. I’m happy when volunteers come to El Porvenir and the children get excited to meet new volunteers.
I know my country is having a bad moment because of politics, but it doesn’t mean it’s dangerous. Here in El Porvenir is safe and fine. Right now we just have a bad president and corrupt country without opportunity but HCA is a good time!  Please come, make friends, volunteer, know about new cultures, and have fun!”



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