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Dec 24, 2016

The November/December session of our 9th annual Vacation Activities Program (VAP) concluded a week and a half before Christmas. As every year that has come before, it was a huge success. Our students and volunteers will resume the program at the beginning of January for an additional 4 weeks.


Vacation Activities Program

This year’s VAP consisted of 4 different themes which were planned and developed by our hard-working volunteers. The themes for Session One were Art/Photography, Music, Science, and Culture and they rotated through the class locations. In addition to planning activities and projects, the weeks leading up to VAP included substantial of training on how to interact and react to the students in a productive way, and it clearly showed throughout the program.

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Music class this year involved students in making their own instruments out of recycled trash. Needless to say, the children’s creativity was sparked and they made quite a variety of instruments on their own. The music week was an especially big hit at PEP 2 because the boys love drums. This love for drums comes from their admiration for the teenagers in our local Banda Independiente who practice regularly at the fire station in El Porvenir. The drums were so popular that some of the kids decided to play their drums at the annual VAP talent show, and they were fantastic.

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Art/photography was a little bit simpler but kept the students engaged because it was hands on. As much of our program is project based, we know that the students really love learning by doing. Drawing and crafts always keeps them focused for an extended period. Part of the art class was to make snowflakes and just as a real one, no two snowflakes were the same. During photography, a few of our students had some experience already from when Stefano, from the ‘Do Good As You Go’ program, came to teach camera skills. Their photos showed their creative perspective toward a place they have known their whole life.


Lastly, was the culture class which focused on 3 countries; China, India, and Egypt. Our volunteers gave a valiant attempt at preparing a snack dish for each country, but the kids were not the biggest fans of our attempt at foreign cuisine. Nonetheless, they were quite interested in learning about various cultures that were not their own. This is a new experience for many of our students and it is our pleasure to broaden their horizons. At Honduras Child Alliance, we believe that our diversity is our greatest strength and if there is only one thing we can bring to the children, it is the gift of an open-mind toward those who may be a little different than themselves. That is our Christmas wish.


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