Our community of El Porvenir . . .

The community where we work is beautiful. We are next to the Caribbean Sea, and just to the south are mountains with tropical waterfalls and cloud forests. Yet, this exquisite beauty is double-edged. Amid palm trees and pineapples, we have children living in homes with no indoor plumbing and only a dirt floor to sleep on. We have children who do not go to school because they cannot afford a uniform and who drink Coca Cola for breakfast and are not sure if there will be dinner. We have families devastated by HIV-AIDS and we have a country infected with corruption.

A recent census shows that more than half of the Honduran population is 18 years or younger and more than half of the citizehouse-211ns live beneath the United Nations defined international poverty level of $1.25 USD per day.  Yet, in our work in Honduras, we encounter so many kind and generous people.  Our volunteers are often invited to share a meal with families who have so little but somehow make it stretch to show their gratitude to those who are working to help their children.  We value partnership with Honduran community members and with volunteers from all over the world.  This gives us a unique perspective and it is our intention for HCA projects to always cultivate this vital collaboration.

Our educational enrichment and healthy living projects . . .

Our programs encourage children to share ideas and help each other. We develop social skills and teamwork and provide English language instruction so children have the benefit of being bilingual. Our students work to improve their literacy in Spanish and are introduced to science and the arts. Many of our participants have never touched a computer and so this essential ‘survival skill’ is included as well! The name of our town is El Porvenir. It means, “the future”.  We believe that each child should have the opportunity to discover the range and variety of what they are capable of doing, and by providing opportunities for education and creative expression, we give children a chance for a better future.

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