Literacy in Spanish

Literacy Program (in Spanish) – Reader’s Club helps reinforce reading skills

ReadingThe Reader’s Club began in 2012 and operates as part of the Porvenir English Program (PEP), with morning and afternoon sessions in 3 locations.  Volunteers noticed that children arrived to learn English who struggled to read and write in their native Spanish.  From that need, a new program was born!

The goal of the Reader’s Club is to immerse children in literacy activities in both Spanish and English so that they are able to experience and understand the joys and benefits of reading for both pleasure and knowledge.

Kindles 2016Most children in Honduras do not have ready access to books and in many cases, parents are only minimally able to read and write.  The ‘story-times’ and ‘bed-time stories’ that most of our volunteers have grown up with are not typically part of childhood in El Porvenir.  We initially struggled to be able to provide a variety of books to use with our classes and especially to have reading groups with multiple copies of the same book.  The solution was E-Readers!! From a broad range of donors, we have been able to acquire about 30 Kindles. This allows us 10 at each classroom location and opens the door to access thousands of books in both Spanish and English. Kindle-Fires are just $49 USD and we already know that we will need regular replacements since our tropical climate is hard on small electronics. Donations to help maintain our Kindles are always appreciated!