Porvenir English Program

‘PEP’ means Porvenir English Program

PEP+ for elementary age kids, includes English instruction, computers, arts and more . . . 

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The Porvenir English Program “plus” (PEP+) is HCA’s program for elementary aged children. It began in 2010 as a program to teach children to speak English but has now evolved to include literacy in Spanish, instruction in computers, art projects, science and all sorts of educational games!

Volunteers work together at weekly meetings to prepare a well planned and smoothly flowing program. PEP+ has a professionally developed, project-based English curriculum that focuses on conversational English while also incorporating art, teamwork and social skills. The computer component aims to help children develop basic computer skills; using the mouse, keyboard, and basic word processing. The goal of the Spanish literacy component is to give students an opportunity to practice the literacy concepts that are taught in school. We focus on interactive reading activities, creative story writing, and using art to enhance literacy comprehension in both English and Spanish.

The children who attend our free PEP+ classes are in grades 1-6.  We currently offer a morning session and/or afternoon session three days a week at three locations around the community for a total of 6 groups of students. In January 2016 two teen sessions were added as well.

Our PEP+  volunteers always work in teams and are supported by an in-country Project Manager.  We have a curiosity based, interactive curriculum so there is lots of room for creativity in how you choose to work with your groups. We encourage you to teach with songs, movement, games and other fun activities.  Immersion is one of the easiest ways for children to learn a new language.  Please visit our volunteer page for more info on volunteering at the Porvenir English Program.

PEP-Adultos provides english instruction for adults in our community


One day, back in 2012, several local police officers visited our PEP classroom in El Centro. At first the volunteers wondered if something was wrong as the officers filed in wearing full uniforms and carrying large guns – – but no, something wonderful was about to happen! As the volunteers greeted the officers, they politely asked if the volunteers would be able to teach them English. Of course we said yes and from there one of our most enthusiastic programs was born!
PEP-Adultos is taught by HCA volunteers 4X each week in two locations and offers evening classes for beginner and advanced students. Emphasis is placed on conversational English that would be helpful in regard to advanced education along with business and tourism employment. Being bilingual opens many doors in Honduras and our students are very dedicated.

PEP-Teen is intended for adolescents looking to expand their english and team-building skills

PEP-TEENAs the children in our program have gotten older, there’s an interest and a need for a teen class. This new program began in January of 2016!

For ages 12-18, the aim of this class is to help the teenagers of El Porvenir advance their English speaking ability. For the students who are in ‘colegio’ (high school), we work to practice the vocabulary that they are learning in their class and for those who are not in colegio, it helps them continue on with the English that they learned in our PEP classes previously. The classes are typically project and activity based to encourage the students to use their English in a practical way, to develop teamwork skills, and have a safe and motivating environment. We are working to develop a higher education and job skills training element to the class as well as a community service aspect.

pep larissaPEP-Kinder gives our youngest children the chance to learn english at an early age

HCA volunteers go to the public kinder in El Centro to teach English vocabulary and basic conversation skills that correspond with the curriculum the children follow with their teacher. Volunteers use songs, activities, games and art projects to teach. Early childhood is the easiest time to learn a new language.


Painting the classroom at PEP-Centro!

Honduras Child Alliance – New classroom – January 2014 from Florent Bro Varin on Vimeo.