Rosa’s Kinder, by Juliane Back (Germany)

 First things first:  Working in Rosa’s Kinder is an inspiring, joyful, overwhelming and sometimes heartbreaking job. You will find yourself every single day saying:

“Awwwww. . . !

“Oh my god, these kids are sooooo cute!“

“Can I take all them home?!“

“No, you are not allowed to take the pencil, eraser, crayon, etc. home!”

Rosa’s Kinder starts at 7.30am every morning. I usually left the volunteer house at around 7.00am and walked. If available, you can also ride a bike. On your way to Rosa’s, please pick up Noé. Noé is a 5 year old little boy and lives very close to our volunteer houses. He and his family received a toilette and a shower during HCA’s first bathroom project in January 2012 and are good friends with the volunteers from HCA. Melades (Noé’s mum) is a wonderful young woman and a very caring mother with eight kids. She’s always up to prepare tortillas for the volunteers so do not hesitate to ask her in the morning to prepare a certain amount of tortillas for the volunteers. As soon as she is done in the afternoon, she brings them over to the beach house. Costs are one lempira each tortilla.

But back to Noé. Noé probably wouldn’t be able to come to Kinder if the volunteers did not pick him up every morning because it’s quite a long way for him to walk by himself back and forth every day.  Please offer him the chance to be part of Rosa’s Kinder by simply picking him up each morning. Thanks!

You will usually arrive at around 7.30am at the Kinder. Don’t be shy.  Don’t be afraid of touches and hugs. The kids will love you within no time. They will give you hugs and kisses and will do everything to get your attention!  I remember in my first week it felt so strange having a kid sitting on my lap the whole time, grabbing my hand as much as they can or showing me what they just drew or crafted. To me, it felt like a compliment to receive their attention and I was happy to give as much of my attention, caring, love, and shelter as possible.

Even though Kinder is supposed to start at 7.30am, Rosa never starts before 8.00am. Please arrive on time at 7.30am and simply have a little chat with the kids or discuss with Rosa what she plans to teach today. Each day Rosa starts her lesson with a little prayer to encourage the kids to be grateful for their life and to respect their families, teachers, and friends. It’s always a good little trick to remind the kids of this prayer as soon as they start to get loud and crazy!

After the prayer, one of the volunteers goes over to the calendar and teaches the date. Usually I ask the kids what day is today. They are able to say all weekdays in Spanish and English. Please also ask for the exact date, e.g.: Monday, 10th. Repeat this with the month and the year.

Next, Rosa will start with her lesson on a letter or a number. We also teach the kids the numbers from 0 to 15 in Spanish and English.

Then there is a breakfast break, starting around 9.00am. Every day the break begins again with a little prayer to be grateful for the food we have.

The kids bring their own breakfast. Don’t be shocked by their food. Most of them eat chips, crackers, biscuits, and candy for breakfast. Some kids won’t be able to bring any breakfast.

HELP PROVIDE A HEALTHY BREAKFAST! HCA has been fortunate to gain a sponsor who donates $40 USD per month, which enables our volunteers to provide a healthy breakfast each Tuesday morning.  A typical breakfast served by the volunteers is cornflakes, milk, and some fresh fruit – – a tremendous improvement over the chips and Coca Cola that the children bring –  – when they bring something at all.  This healthy meal makes it easier for the children to behave well and to concentrate on their work. 

We are seeking four more breakfast sponsors at $40 per month so that we are eventually able to provide breakfast 5 days a week. 

If you are able to help sponsor breakfast at Rosa’s Kinder, please click on the donate button and follow the prompts, 

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or email Lisa at sponsor@honduraschildalliance.org.


I used breakfast time to tidy up the classroom:

  • Throw away all the rubbish the kids left from breakfast.
    • The better you reinforce to the children to put their leftovers in the rubbish bin the less you have to clean.
    • Sweep the classroom and put all chairs in order.
      • Sweeping during the break keeps you from sweeping after class. Not every time but most of the time.
  • Wipe the tables with a damp cloth.
  • Organize the equipment shelf.
  • Sharpen pencils.

But please, also get yourself a little rest, time to breath and have some breakfast!  I also encourage you to play with the kids outside. You will enjoy the time with them!

The breakfast break ends around 10.00am. This is your turn now to grab toothbrushes and paste. Just get all kids to sit and wait downstairs and hand out their toothbrushes and a cup of water to each kid. This procedure takes about 15 minutes. After that, Rosa will continue her lesson.

You can involve yourself in Rosa’s lessons as much as you want. She will be very grateful if you come up with ideas, suggestions or a little play activity to teach some English or to refine and improve the children’s fine motor skills.  Also you are her helping hands, which means please make sure there are enough sharpened pencils for each lesson. Also please keep the shelf clean and organized where Rosa stores all her equipment.

Class ends with a little goodbye song everyday at 11.00am.

Please wait until all the kids have left and then take a few minutes to discuss with Rosa your plans for the next day.

Please make sure you get all of Noé’s stuff (his backpack and everything else he brings) before you take him home. You’ll be back home at the volunteer house at around 11.30am / 12.00pm each day.
Every Wednesday there is a crafting class at 2.00pm until 3.30pm at Rosa’s.  This class is operated by at least 2 HCA volunteers.  Rosa will not be there. Kids from all around the neighborhood are aware of this and will come around. This is your class and I encourage you to plan ahead and to bring at least one other volunteer with you, as it gets quite messy. To prepare Crafting Class please come up with a little idea. I’d like to craft things to decorate Rosa’s classroom. The kids love making bracelets so you can easily bring beads and strings.

The challenge with Crafting Class is to keep all of the children orderly and with good behavior. Usually the older kids come (between 8 and 13) and especially the boys can be a bit rough every now and then.  Please watch out that no one takes or even steals any of Rosa’s things from the equipment shelf. They will try and do so!

I hope that you enjoy yourself during Kinder and Crafting! It’s a lot of fun and I am sure you will love the kids in no time!!!

Have fun and enjoy,