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Your help changes everything!

If you’ve thought about making a difference, changing a life, and doing something that will truly have an impact, make it happen today! The Honduras Child Alliance depends on monthly supporters to maintain a stable financial base for projects operated via the General Fund (PEP+, VAP, Healthy Snacks, etc.). Your help is essential! To have program supplies, electricity, or snacks for the kids, your monthly donation is key!  donations can be accepted from any country, so please click on the secure donate button to get started!

PEP-3, ‘A classroom before rainy season . . . ‘

Sweet success! Together we have succeeded in purchasing a ‘casita’ to be used as the classroom for children in Barrio Los Castaños.

Our dream of a dry classroom for PEP-3 students has come true! The location is perfect and the kids already love it. Your help and donations are still needed to help fix and secure the building. $19 per month also helps to pay the purchase loan.

Check out this video tour (below) of the new HCA ‘Crib’, PEP-3!

Hungry kids need Healthy Snacks! 

If you have visited our classes, you know that many of our students are poorly nourished and arriving to class hungry. Food insecurity is a big problem in our region and the goal of the Healthy Snacks program is to provide a protein filled snack to each child while also modeling locally available healthy food choices. We started by serving the kids near the pineapple fields but are now working overtime to try to meet the needs of the students in all six of our daily (elementary) groups and in all three locations.

A monthly donation $19 (or any amount) would certainly make a difference in the quality and quantity of what we can provide. Click HERE to start your monthly donation!

Access to Technology

Computer skills are essential tools for education and employment, yet many of our students have no access to computers or the internet other than at the HCA classrooms.  With just 16 laptops to travel to 6 groups of students, it’s difficult for our students to gain confidence and competency with technology and the online world.

Goal: 30 Laptops! HCA’s goal is to be able to maintain 30 laptops, 10 for each location. The laptops we use are less than $200 each but are perfect for getting our students up to speed with necessary computer skills. Note that wifi ($35 per month) is still needed for PEP-Centro and PEP-3. Click here to sponsor laptops and wifi!

Uniforms and School Supplies

The Honduran school year starts in February, so each January our in-country team discreetly identifies children in our programs (and in the general community) who may have a problem attending school since their families are not able to provide a uniform or shoes.  A complete uniform costs the equivalent of about $19 USD so becoming a monthly sponsor equips 12 students!

Your donation makes it possible for children to stay in school!

Thank you!

Monthly donations to HCA are providing educational support, English and Spanish literacy classes for children, teens, and adults, computers & WiFi, improving hygiene, helping children attend school with proper supplies and uniforms, supplementing the children’s diet with nutritious foods from the local markets and so much more!  Gracias – – thank you! Your donation makes a difference!