Your help changes everything!

If you’ve ever thought about making a difference, changing a life or doing something that will truly have an impact, make it happen today! The Honduras Child Alliance depends on monthly sponsors to maintain a stable financial base for projects operated via the General Fund. Your help is essential! To have program supplies, electricity – – snacks for the kids – – nothing glamorous – – your monthly donation is key!  We are able to accept donations from all over the world so please click on the donate button to get started!

Your help is needed to increase every child’s access to technology (i.e. laptops & Kindles in each classroom), to develop a scholarship fund for the teens who are ready for higher education and to expand the reach of the Healthy Snacks program!

Goal: 30 Laptops 

Laptops2With just 11 laptops to travel to 7 groups of kids, it’s difficult for our students to have computer time for more than 30 minutes a week. – – The goal is to have 30 laptops, 10 for each classroom location. The laptops we use are less than $200 USD each but are essential to getting our kids up to speed with modern computer skills. With your help, we can do this!!

The two models that work well with the kids are:

~ Lenovo Idea Pad 100S 11.6” laptop ($169 USD)

~ HP Stream Notebook -11-r010nr ($189 USD)

Wifi is needed for the students at PEP2 & PEP-Centro;  

$35 a month provides wifi at one classroom!

computers-pep2This is an immediate need. Our students are doing research online and learning to use tinkercad but we need wifi at the actual classrooms.  We are seeking a Wifi donor for two locations.  Wifi is about $35 USD per month. Click here to sponsor wifi today!

 Scholarship / Intern Program:

Send a deserving Honduran student to university!

Your donation of $25 per month helps make it possible for a deserving Honduran student to further their education. We currently have one young man attending a ‘diplomado’ program to receive the equivalent of an Associate’s Degree, but there are several deserving students in our teen program who would also thrive with this opportunity.

Our 2016-17 intern is Dorian Padilla!

Dorian“I had problems in high school and wasn’t sure if I would finish, but I did finish. After high school I did not have money to continue my studies and I started looking for a job. It was hard to find work but then I got sponsored to volunteer with Honduras Child Alliance. I really liked it and wanted to continue but it was hard for my sponsor to support me longer and they stopped their support. HCA fundraised for me to be able to study English. We raised enough for me to study for almost a year. After my English course I would like to study to be a computer technician. More education will be helpful because my goal is to have a good job for when I have my family so that they can have things that I did not have.”

Compared to most other places, university in Honduras is inexpensive. $2400 USD will cover a year’s tuition, housing, a food stipend, wifi and books. Scholarship recipients also live at the volunteer house and intern in positions of responsibility at HCA. We have almost one year of school covered for Dorian and he is doing great! Please become a sponsor to help Dorian to complete his 2 year program!

Healthy Snacks Sponsors 

$15 a month provides Healthy Snacks to hungry kids!

healthy-snacks-2017Even $15 a month makes a difference! If you have visited our classes, you know that a large percentage of our students are arriving hungry. Food insecurity is a big problem in our community and the goal of the Healthy Snacks program is to provide a protein filled snack to each child who attends our free classes. We started by serving the kids near the pineapple fields but are now working overtime to try to meet the needs of the students in all six of our daily (elementary) groups and in all three locations. A monthly donation of even $15 or $20 per month would certainly make a difference in what we can provide to a hungry child. Click HERE to start your monthly donation!


Monthly Supporters!

— Your donation helps educate and equip children to build a future free of poverty.

Monthly donations to HCA are providing educational support, English and Spanish literacy classes for children, teens, and adults, computers & WiFi, improving hygiene and living quarters, helping children attend school with proper supplies and uniforms, supplementing the children’s diet with nutritious foods from the local markets and so much more!   Click HERE to become a monthly sponsor or to donate!

Uniforms 4

Help kids start school with a uniform and shoes!

The Honduran school year starts in February, so each January our in-country volunteers determine which children in our programs (and in the general community) may have a problem attending school since their families cannot afford a uniform or shoes.  A complete uniform costs the equivalent of about $15 USD so becoming a monthly sponsor equips 12 students!  Please donate to help one child or many to attend school!

Organize a fundraiser to support the Honduras Child Alliance!

sponsorWe are mindful about how assistance is provided and seek to always find opportunities to help people to help themselves. 

 Honduras Child Alliance is a labor of LOVE!

Honduras Child Alliance is volunteer-powered, with minimal administrative costs.  Your donations will directly benefit the children  in our programs. Your continued compassion and generosity make it possible for us to succeed in this life-changing work.  Please recommend our sponsorship program to your friends and family!

Our creative kids get lots of time for art, writing, drama and music!

Our creative kids get lots of time for art, writing, drama and music!

“Give everyone whose life you touch a sense of their own worthiness as a person, a sense of the true wonder of who they are. Give this gift and you will heal the world.”