PEP-3 Out of The Rain!

Help the PEP-3 students stay out of the rain!

Honduras Child Alliance volunteers have provided enrichment classes to the children in Barrio Nuevo since 2014. This was possible at a local church where we have kindly been allowed free use by a local pastor. In March of this year, the church moved premises across the road to a location that is much less suited to teaching classes. The current space is an outdoor area with a metal roof. It protects us from the sun and rain but supplies aren’t able to be secured, rain falling on the metal roof makes it impossible to hear each other, and the kids are often tempted to use the stony ground-cover as projectiles. We are profoundly grateful to the pastor for his hospitality, however, the time has come to find our own place.

Are you missing those PEP-3 kids, here’s what they’re hoping for in a brand new classroom, and many thanks to Shiouwen Hong for this sweet video! 

It may not look like much (yet), but to the volunteers at Honduras Child Alliance and the students they work with, this building is filled with dreams! It can be a safe, clean and local learning center for the children, teens, and adults who live in the ‘Barrio Nuevo’ area of El Porvenir. Kids can experiment here, ask questions, be curious and speak their mind. It’s a place to learn to read, to speak English, to use a computer and to make art. It’s a dream come true!

In 2016, HCA supporters successfully fundraised to make possible the purchase of a small house that now holds our PEP-2 location. This achievement completely overhauled how we are able to deliver our programs within that community as we now have an attractive and secure space where we can give classes. Volunteers are able to comfortably work in small groups, giving lots of attention to each student.

Great news about PEP-3! As you likely know, we’ve been fundraising for most of the summer to make it possible to put a down-payment on a new classroom location for the students at PEP-3. We’ve reached the initial $5000 USD goal (yay!) and are now able to access the classroom. Rainy season is almost here!

As of October 30th, we’re inside!

What’s the plan now? Good news is that we were able to negotiate the purchase price lower than we originally estimated, so the total we will need to fundraise to complete the sale and renovation is about $12,000 more ($3000 less than expected). Every donation helps and we’re so appreciative of all of the support so far!


A walk thru PEP-3

Walk thru PEP-3 (part 2)

Estimated remaining expenses:

It’s easy to help! Donate through our website or GoFundMe account! While we’d love large donations (so send ’em over if you have them!), smaller monthly donations go a long way as well. Visit the donation page of the HCA website LINKED HERE and designate your monthly donation to ‘PEP-3 Out of the rain’. The amount we must raise is $12,000 USD.

  1. Registration with the municipality and legal fees $2000 USD  Donate HERE
  2. Doors, windows, security bars, electrical wiring, lights, fans $2800 USD  Donate HERE
  3. Balance of the cost of the building $6400 USD
  4. Tables, chairs, shelves, etc. $800 USD

Thanks again for getting those PEP-3 kids inside! They can’t wait to start using this classroom!