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Jul 15, 2016


AmandaAmanda Radisic (USA)
 is the Donations Manager for Honduras Child Alliance.  She  maintains our Sponsor Program, connecting donors with the projects they wish to support.

Amanda made her first trip to Honduras in 2011, and from that point on, she was hooked.  She started volunteering with HCA in 2013, and since then she has returned on several occasions. Amanda has worked with HCA on a variety of different projects (including PEP, VAP, the health screening and education program held in the summer of 2015, and the 2013 annual dental brigade), and she is looking forward to expanding her role in the organization as the Donations Manager.  One of Amanda’s favorite things about working with HCA is collaborating with the residents of El Porvenir, who are so warm and welcoming, and engaging them in our projects.  She also enjoys integrating new volunteers into the community and helping them make the transition from their home country to their new home away from home in Honduras.

Amanda says, “Working with the children of El Porvenir has changed my life in so many ways.  Their enthusiasm, energy, and desire to learn is inspiring, and I feel so lucky to have been able to watch our students grow up over the years.   I am looking forward to helping HCA expand its programs and outreach.”   A native of the Philadelphia area, Amanda is currently halfway through medical school and aspires to be an emergency medicine physician.  Working in Honduras has exposed her to some of the harsh health and nutrition realities plaguing the country, and she hopes to use her medical degree to continue to serve the place she considers her “second home.” Contact Amanda at sponsor@honduraschildalliance.org

Leah1Leah Schroeder (Canada)came to Honduras from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. She has a healing practise as a Reiki Master, ThetaHealing® and Integrated Energy Therapy® Practitioner. She also, teaches Reiki classes and leads Sacred Womyn Workshops in her area.

Leah volunteered in our Vacation Activities Program in January 2011 and continues to volunteer by reading the references for incoming volunteers. She says, “My time in Honduras was a life changing experience on many levels, and I have a strong desire to go back and spend some more time there. El Porvenir is never very far from my thoughts. I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute in whatever way I can to support the work of this organization.”

Armide1Armide Storey (USA) recently graduated from Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, USA but she took her Spring 2012 semester off of school to join Honduras Child Alliance.  She worked at PEP-Centro, taught an adult English Class, and was one of the first group of teachers in the Reading Club. Back in the United States, Armide now volunteers by reading references for HCA’s incoming volunteers. Although she is starting Medical School, she hopes to return to El Porvenir someday soon!

AndyAndy Long (Australia) started volunteering with HCA in October 2013 and ended up returning on 3 separate occasions since, for 7 months total. Andy continues to support HCA by helping with our volunteer recruitment. He says, “I support volunteers going to Honduras because it is important to experience and understand other cultures and situations, and participate in improving them if that is a possibility. Also, El Porvenir is a wonderful town with some beautiful people.” Thanks Andy and we’ll be waiting to see you in El P some time again soon!

alexAlessandra Large (UK) studied Spanish, Russian and Interpreting at University and in 2012, spent 6 months of her Year Abroad volunteering with Honduras Child Alliance.  She opened the PEP2 location with two other volunteers and also taught at the Reader’s Club.  Alex says,  “I was lucky enough to teach adult English Class several evenings each week and I would sincerely recommend to anyone who is thinking of volunteering, to teach at the adult English Class, as it is so rewarding and every adult who attends is so grateful and so inspiring.”   Since Honduras, Alex has completed her studies and is now interning with an Environmental Education company in Seville, Spain.  She plans to work in Educational Development and returned to Honduras for a quick visit in 2014!!

Ofer Chama (Israel)  came from Israel to volunteer at a kinder in El Porvenir from January to June, 2010.  Ofer continues to support Honduras Child Alliance by doing reference checks for potential volunteers.  Ofer is also involved in a great organization in Israel which helps maintain the Latino culture for recent Hispanic immigrants.  Check it out:  http://laescuelitaisrael.wordpress.com/  We appreciate Ofer’s help and are glad to have him as an ongoing volunteer!


christina bernerChristina Berner (USA) is an artist and mom from Long Island, New York.   An ongoing supporter of our work in Honduras, Christina has designed and updated our HCA logo.  Thank you!!



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