Ben Anson
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Jul 15, 2016


Ben AnsonBen Anson (UK)
 is the Development Manager (intern) on the ground for the Honduras Child Alliance. Born in Athens, Greece to British parents, Ben grew up immersed amongst different cultures from living in places as far as Greece to Singapore during hisearly childhood. Having then moved to England at the age of eight years – heresided there throughout his youth completing formal British education at Bach Laureate level (the latter being pre-University stage in the UK). With a life-long passion for history and culture – Ben first became greatly interested in Latin America at the age of seventeen. Inspired further by great Latin American figures from Gabrielle Garcia Marquez to Jose Marti amongst others – Ben found a ‘self-calling’ to begin carving a career in assisting NGO movements within La America Latina.

Having been accepted on a three-month voluntary program with a British NGO in western Honduras during the summer of 2014 – Ben’s first experience in Central America was a life-changing experience. The warmth and sheer kindness of the Honduran people greatly influenced him. After Honduras, Ben took himself to Spain for a year – seeing much of the country and improving his Spanish or ‘Castellano’ language skills. An accomplished freelance writer – Ben has been awarded a diploma by the London School of Journalism. He seeks to use his passion for Latin America and writing skills to assist the HCA in El Porvenir. He holds much gratitude towards them as HCA has given him the chance to reach some of his dreams and goals.

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