Cindy Mataraso
By: admin
Jul 15, 2016

CM-PhotoCindy Mataraso (USA) is a clinical psychologist in Sacramento California.  She believes that all people have the right to live a life with meaning and purpose. She has dedicated her career to serving disenfranchised and underserved people.  She operates programs for people who are in a psychiatric crisis or in need of long term residential treatment to develop skills or regain them to create a life worth living.  Her programs offer holistic and strength based treatment in homelike environments.

When Cindy is not working, she enjoys spending time with her family, a loving husband of 20 years and 3 teenaged children.  Together they enjoy the outdoors and travel.  Cindy takes long walks with her friends and beloved dog, Rusty, enjoys petting her ever furry cat, Romeo and tends to her backyard flock of chickens. Cindy first visited Honduras in 2010 and HCA is excited to have her expertise and support.

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