Get ready to change a life, including your own!

high fiveCompassionate, friendly, hardworking and generous, the in-Honduras volunteers are the cornerstone of our work.

We seek volunteers who are energetic and collaborative, with a red-hot motivation and some relevant talents to help make a difference in the lives of impoverished Honduran children. Some ability to speak Spanish is a plus, but flexibility, a sense of humor and problem-solving skills are a must!

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English, computers, nutrition, Spanish literacy, sports, art, social skills and more…

The Honduras Child Alliance offers a variety of classes and activities for children, teens, and adults in El Porvenir. Our volunteers generally work at a combination of these scheduled programs depending on their interests and skills. Together with your Project Manager we will determine the schedule that will work well for you and best serve the programs.


We seek volunteers with open minds and open hearts as we welcome volunteers from all walks of life to help lift children out of poverty. Volunteers who are 20 years and older are preferred and we are especially interested in long-term volunteers.  Although the minimum volunteer period is generally 6 weeks, volunteers are sometimes needed for shorter periods so do not hesitate to apply. Many volunteers have stayed for 6 mos. or a full year. We can typically be flexible in accommodating your preferred starting date.


Sometimes our volunteers provide transportation!

Sometimes our volunteers provide transportation!

Volunteers pay their own traveling or incidental expenses and live in our comfortable volunteer houses or at an inexpensive local guest-house. Volunteers enter Honduras on a tourist visa that is easily renewed every 90 days.


The HCA programs are based in the beach community of El Porvenir on the north coast. We live and work next to the Caribbean Sea with pineapple fields surrounding us on three sides and mountain waterfalls and the cloud forest just minutes to the south. While many families in our community are living in extreme poverty, the small city of La Ceiba is only 20 minutes away. La Ceiba is a lively place with a mall, an open-air market, ATMs, inexpensive restaurants and good medical care.  La Ceiba has a modern airport (LCE), two bus stations and more taxis than anyone can count! The Honduras Child Alliance is small, but with the energy of devoted volunteers, together we are enriching lives and providing opportunities for children who would otherwise have none.  We invite you to volunteer with us!

 Here are some of the projects where our volunteers work:

– PEP (Porvenir English Program) – Teach free English classes for children, teens, and adults – 

IMG_5170The Porvenir English Program (PEP)  started out as, well, an English program – – but it’s become so much more! The initial purpose was to provide English instruction for kinder and elementary-age students. It has grown to include a dedicated adult class that meets 4 evenings per week and now includes a teen program as well.  This project began in April 2010 and is ongoing. Why teach English to Honduran children, teens and adults? It’s because a anyone who is bilingual will have better opportunities for advanced education and employment.

PEP+ for elementary age children

For the elementary age children and the teens, PEP+ classes are offered Monday thru Thursday in the mornings and afternoons and also on Friday mornings. PEP has 3 designated classrooms within the community. One is across the street from the public elementary school in ‘El Centro’ (the center of town), another is a small building near the pineapple fields, and the third is a borrowed room in a church near the health center. Our volunteers run classes in teams.  We have an excellent curriculum but there is plenty of room for creativity in how you choose to work with your groups. We encourage you to teach with songs, movement, games and other fun activities.  It is not necessary to have prior instruction to teach English. Immersion is one of the easiest ways for children to learn a new language. PEP operates continuously from February thru early November.

Our volunteers run classes in teams and attend a planning meeting each week to organize the activities for the children.  We have an excellent curriculum but there is plenty of room for creativity in how you choose to work with your groups.  We encourage you to teach with songs, movement, games and other fun activities.  It is not necessary to have prior instruction to teach English. Immersion is one of the easiest ways for children to learn a new language. PEP+ operates continuously from February thru early November.

PEP – Adultos

PEP-AdultosThis English-only PEP class is offered free of charge to adults (age 16+) in the community who would like to learn to be bilingual. Volunteers follow a curriculum that focuses on conversational and practical English. We are working toward helping the adult students use the English they have learned in class to find jobs and other opportunities. Sometimes we have guest speakers of a variety of professions, visit the class to help our students understand how they can use English in jobs and also how to search for jobs, go to a job interview, etc. This class is offered 4 evenings each week throughout the year.



For ages 12-18, the aim of this class is to help the teenagers of El Porvenir advance their English speaking ability. For the students who are in ‘colegio’ (high school), we work to practice the vocabulary that they are learning in their class and for those who are not in colegio, it helps them continue on with the English that they learned in our PEP classes previously. The classes are typically project and activity based to encourage the students to use their English in a practical way, to develop teamwork skills, and have a safe and motivating environment.

PEP – Kinder


In partnership with the local public kinder, our volunteers provide a 15-20 minute English activity three mornings each week. The Honduran teacher tells us in advance what her curriculum will be in Spanish and then we plan a short English activity that builds on what the children are learning. The Kinder is an experience you shouldn’t miss!

 – Literacy in Spanish –
Reading & Writing in Spanish via fun activities and story-times 

Kristin ReadingAlmost immediately after beginning the Porvenir English Program, it became clear that many elementary age kids were not able to read and write well in their native Spanish. At first a stand-alone program but now working in partnership as part of PEP (for grades 1-6), the Reader’s Club teaches, improves and reinforces literacy skills in both Spanish and English. 

Volunteers support reading and writing skills in Spanish through read-aloud story-times, individual and group journaling, Reader’s Theater, making books, writing poetry, singing songs and much more. 

Kindles3 2016We work with children in small groups and at their own level. It is not necessary to be fluent in Spanish to work within this program. The activities are set in advance and you will find your own Spanish ability improves as you meet with the other volunteers to plan your classes and work with your students.

In 2016 we were able to fundraise to purchase 30 Kindles and this is an ongoing effort. Kindles have brought so much to the program since it means that we can now have just about any book that we need in either Spanish or English!  Just amazing (did we say that already?) and the kids love them!

 – Computers  – Teach computer skills to children & teens –  

computers at PEPCan you imagine being 12 years old and never having touched a computer? Many children and teens in our community live in extreme poverty and that is their experience. In a lot of cases their homes do not even have running water or electricity, let alone a computer. However, in addition to literacy in English and Spanish, in this day and age, literacy in technology is also essential. To be able to get any sort of job outside of picking pineapples, it will be necessary to know how to use a computer.

HCA currently has 16 laptop computers and we are actively fundraising to gain more. The volunteers bring laptops to each of our three locations at least once a week so that every child or teen in the program gets some experience. Right now the instruction is still quite basic but kids catch on fast! Our goal is to have 30 laptops by the end of 2018. Please visit our GET INVOLVED page if you’d like to help us get there!

luv-logo-homeLUV – We are proud to be a Level Up Village partner program!

Level Up Village (LUV) provides global ‘STEAM’ (science, technology, engineering, arts & math) enrichment courses that promote design thinking and problem- solving between our students in Honduras and a partner school in the United States. Our HCA volunteers work with the engaging LUV curriculum to deliver the program. Through a guided exchange of video messages, together the students in both countries apply design-thinking to collaborating on real world problems, and in the process, gain a better understanding of each other’s lives and cultures. LUV classes are generally held once a week throughout the year. This program is really fun and brings hands-on technology experience to our students!

 – Vacation Activities Program (VAP) – Heads Up for November 2018 – January 2019 – 

The Honduran school year starts in February and ends in early November.  We are seeking volunteers who can make a commitment for this specific three month time period (November, December & January) to work together to run something along the lines of a “summer camp” enrichment program for children at 3 locations in El Porvenir. Our volunteers work together to develop an emotionally safe and respectful environment in which children can be curious and creative. We do math, reading, English computers and a variety of other subjects based on the expertise of our volunteers.  There’s always time for art, music and sports and also plenty of time to play!

Groups are currently forming for our 11th annual “Vacation Activities Program”  which will start in November 2018. Volunteers arrive late-October and work  November, December, January, 2018-19.  Ideally, volunteers should plan to stay for the full 12 week program (or longer if desired) but we do accept some volunteers who can only stay for a partial period so do not hesitate to apply.

Check out these videos from prior VAP groups:

•  The Chest Bump • VAP Cheer! • Bottle Rockets • Talent Show • Singing at VAP  •

And thank you to Volunteer Latin America, for including this listing on your site!

– Healthcare Volunteers –

Are you a healthcare professional or studying to be one? Volunteer to make the world a little healthier! Honduras Child Alliance has a partner program with the local public hospital in La Ceiba and the local health center in our community of El Porvenir.

Healthcare volunteers live with our educational volunteers in El Porvenir and travel to the nearby city of La Ceiba (20 minutes) each day to volunteer at the public hospital or public clinic. Depending on your credentials and level of expertise, volunteers will observe and hands-on assist the doctors and nurses.

At our local ‘Centro de Salud’ you will have practical experience helping the staff treat the day to day issues that come up in an impoverished community in a developing country.

For more information about this opportunity, please contact us at volunteer@honduraschildalliance.org.

 – Housing for Volunteers in El Porvenir – 

Inexpensive, clean and safe housing is available for our volunteers for $35 – $42 USD per week, depending on the length of your stay. Since we are working on the north coast, all of our houses are very close to the beach – – in fact, one is actually beach-front! Volunteers will typically share a room with 1-2 other volunteers of the same gender. Some private rooms are also available. Our volunteer houses have comfortable twin beds, bathrooms with showers and complete kitchens. Volunteers purchase and prepare their own food. More details will be provided when you are interviewed for a placement.

 – How to apply to become a Honduras Child Alliance volunteer – 

•  Click here to to fill out an application. There is no application fee. Upon receiving your application, we will contact you to provide more information about projects needing assistance and housing for volunteers.

•  If HCA feels like a ‘good fit’, the next step is to arrange an interview by Skype or Google Hang-out. We want to learn more about you but this is also a time for you to ask questions and to get to know us too!

•  After the interview, you can start investigating travel arrangements on your end while one of our admin volunteers will check your references. Note that you are not officially accepted into the program until we have completed your references.  This usually takes less than a week.

•  We will stay in contact as you plan your trip!  You will receive orientation info and an introduction to your project manager prior to your arrival.

•  For more information, please contact us at volunteer@honduraschildalliance.org.

•  We look forward to welcoming you to El Porvenir, Honduras!