Learn & Practice Spanish

Study Buddies!

Do you want to improve your Spanish while helping deserving Honduran students attend school? Join our Study Buddies program to practice iyour Spanish while you volunteer!

Volunteers sign up for a 60-minute  session with a partner from our PEP-Adultos or PEP-Teen programs. Based on the areas you specify you would like to practice, your Honduran partner will work with you on conversational Spanish.

Each class costs just 100 HNL (about $4.25 USD) of which 50 HNL goes directly to your Study Buddy partner, while the other 50 HNL goes into our scholarship fund!  Speak with Maggie Dekker when you arrive in Honduras for more info on how to get involved and start taking Study-Buddies classes!


“The world can love you, but that love will not make you happy. What will make you happy is to share all the love you have inside you. That is the love that will make a difference” ~ Don Miguel Ruiz