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Honduras Child Alliance is proud to be a Level Up Village (LUV) global partner! LUV provides STEAM (science, tech, engineering, arts, & math) enrichment courses that promote design thinking and problem-solving between our students in Honduras and a partner school in the United States. Our HCA volunteers work with the engaging LUV curriculum to deliver the program. Through a guided exchange of video messages, together the students in both countries apply design-thinking as they collaborate on solving real world problems. In the process, they gain a better understanding of each other’s lives and cultures.


3D Printing Comes to HCA!


Level Up Village has made a large impact on what we do at HCA and has allowed us to achieve things we initially did not believe were feasible. LUV makes this possible for students, who may otherwise not have STEAM opportunities, by partnering with 30+ global organizations across 20 countries. Our students are now working on LUVs Global Water Crisis class and have begun to work with our new 3D printer!


On Monday, our LUV students did some initial observations with the 3D printer at one of our classrooms, named PEP-Centro. It was a beautiful sight to see since the allure of the printer completely grabbed their focus! The students have used SketchUp in previous classes to prepare them for the day we finally received a 3D printer but they have been quite excited for this opportunity to see it in action at last! 


The class started off with our Tech Coordinator, Acacia Ragona (USA), playing a video made by a student from one of our partner schools in the United States. The student explained what he was designing along with sharing a little about himself. Some of our students will send the same type of video back to the LUV students in the U.S.


The class proceeded by showing an example of how the students would design an object in the near-future with TinkerCad. The volunteers designed a keychain, prior to the class, to use as a demonstration of what can be done with the printer. Acacia then turned on the printer and it began to print the keychain, engraved with the phrase PEP-Centro. As the printer went through its process, the children moved to different angles to receive a better understanding of how the keychain was being made. The demonstration left the kids with much enthusiasm for being able to design and print their own items soon; especially after passing around the newly made keychain!

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After class, Acacia said the kids sat quietly for 20 minutes, which is a very rare occurrence. I love their focus and fascination! Situations such as these are what we love to see at Honduras Child Alliance because the kids are so obviously engaged and motivated to come back to learn more! Many thanks to Level Up Village and to our international volunteers for making this happen – – and an extra thanks to Acacia Ragona for her patience in getting the printer up and running and ready for class!



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