Wish List / Luggage List | Honduras Child Alliance

– Wish List / Luggage List – 

We love when volunteers and visitors ask if there are items they can bring for the projects. The answer is YES and thank you!!  The following is a list of some general items that will fit in your suitcase.


Our top 5 wish-list items are:

• Thick & thin dry erase markers and small whiteboards.

• Chewable children’s multi-vitamins. These are an easy suggestion if you have friends who want to help! 

Scissors, staplers, markers, glue sticks, pencil sharpeners, tape, watercolor paints, and other classroom supplies.  

• LAPTOPS! – HP Stream Notebook -11-r010nr ($189 USD)

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Luggage requirements for most airlines are that you may pack up to 50 lbs. / 23 kgs in your checked bags. Thanks in advance for squeezing in a few wish-list items too!

 – Classroom Supplies –

  • dry erase markers and cleaners
  • pencil sharpeners
  • pencils, pens, markers & colored pencils
  • hole puncher, paper clips, tape, staplers and staples
  • ESL Books for learning English (multiple copies of the same book)
  • art & craft materials  (paint & paintbrushes, yarn, glue guns, felt, pipe cleaners, etc.)
  • math manipulatives 
  • Spanish / English dictionaries 
  • good quality scissors  (we have lots of dull plastic ones!)

 laptops at pep2– Laptops & Kindles –

• Your gently used but still in good condition laptop or tablet that you’re no longer using!

• HP Stream Notebook -11-r010nr ($189 USD)

• Lenovo Idea Pad 100S 11.6” laptop ($169 USD)

Kindle Fire Tablet, 7″ Display, Wifi, 8 GB, Black

– Toys & Craft Items –

  • Children’s BOOKS in Spanish!
  • LEGOS and DUPLOS!!!  We are building a collection.  Just bring what you have or find some at a yard sale!
  • craft items – pipe cleaners, beads, glitter, glue stix, etc.
  • magic markers & coloring pencils
  • glow-stix   • balloons • soccer balls  •  tennis balls, etc.
  • magnet toys (big enough not to be choked on)
  • toy tools, doctor’s kits, firefighter’s hats, etc.
  • WOODEN puzzles w/ BIG pieces
  • Please, no toys that require batteries.  

– Household Supplies –

  • kitchenware (good quality, used is fine) – pots, baking pans, etc.
  • children’s chewable vitamins (only in-date and unopened)
  • small tool sets
  • lice shampoo   • toothpaste   • toothbrushes   • hairbrushes & combs

Children’s Day is September 10th.

Small toys to put in a “goodie bag” type of gift are always needed!  Please look for sturdy items that will not break right away.