‘Ayudantes y Facilitadores'


Fulfilling a need for ongoing staff to work with the children in our programs, ‘Ayudantes y Facilitadores’ brings Honduran young adults into the classrooms as helpers, instructors, and role models.


As Honduras Child Alliance has operated in El Porvenir for more than 11 years, we have many students who have completed high school and are working to move on toward additional education or employment, or both! Since there is always a need for long-term instructors, Honduras Child Alliance has developed an exciting internship program that brings Honduran young adults, ‘Ayudantes y Facilitadores’ into the classrooms as helpers and instructors. Honduran interns work side by side in the classrooms with the international volunteers. This is a win/win/win in that it provides work experience and a stipend for the ayudantes and facilitadores, great role models for the kids, and a culturally blended work environment for the international volunteers. Perfect! - - But whereas volunteer-power is free, the ayudantes and facilitadores need to be paid. Ongoing donations are needed to keep the program operating and to make it possible to grow the ayudante y facilitadore team.

'Ayudante' means 'helper'.'Facilitadore' means 'instructor'.


The Ayudantes y Facilitadores project makes the HCA program more sustainable since the local team adds consistency and organizational memory as ongoing trained staff. The HCA interns start as 'ayudantes' (helpers) in the classroom but are then trained to be able to lead classes that allow them to be 'facilitadores' (instructors) and receive a larger stipend. With all of the controversy surrounding immigration, we believe that the one thing that everyone can hopefully agree on is that when people have viable options within their own country, then they are not forced to flee. As with each HCA program, this project helps develop skills to access opportunities within Honduras so that these young people can feel confident that they can build a future in their own country. Return to PROJECTS

Recurring donations are the best way to give steady support, and so even a small monthly donation goes a long way to support work experience and scholarships for ayudantes and facilitadores at Honduras Child Alliance.