Calling artists, musicians, Magicians and Scientists . . .  We need Teachers, computer wizards, camp counselors and more!

The Honduras Child Alliance is working to make life better for impoverished children in El Porvenir, Honduras. United by the desire to improve quality of life for both children and adults, we coordinate volunteer-powered programs to support education, health & hygiene, creativity and community. From many countries and backgrounds, we work together to reinforce basic academic skills while enhancing development of critical thinking and decision-making capabilities.

By fostering positive self-expression, leadership talents and team building, we nourish confidence and self esteem. Our programs include teaching English so that our students can pursue education and employment opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable. With support from donors and like-minded organizations, our programs are provided at no cost to the participants.

We value our partnerships with Honduran community members and with volunteers from all over the world. These give us a unique perspective and it is our intention for HCA projects to always cultivate this vital collaboration.

Open hearts and open minds . . .

- Volunteer at Honduras Child Alliance -

The Honduras Child Alliance seeks volunteers with open hearts and open minds to 'hands-on' help operate our educational enrichment and healthy living programs for children, teens and adults in El Porvenir, Honduras. Programs include: English & Spanish literacy - computers - arts - intro to science - sports and fitness - group skills / conflict resolution and more!

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45 New Uniforms!

The school year in Honduras runs from February thru November and so yesterday was

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About us

The Honduras Child Alliance projects were initiated in response to our awareness that the cycle of poverty in Honduras is perpetuated through lack of education. As we look at the bright faces of the children in our community, it is impossible to not be acutely conscious of the wasted potential within these young lives due to lack of opportunity. The combined energy of our directors, project managers and volunteers blend into a unique and effective set of skills to support educational and humanitarian projects. As we collaborate to create viable opportunities for children in Honduras, we welcome volunteers, sponsors and co-operation with like-minded organizations.