Wish List / Luggage List

What can I bring to help?

We love when volunteers and visitors ask if there are items they can bring for the projects. The answer is YES, and thank you! The following is a list of some general items that will fit in your suitcase.

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The top 5 wish-list items are:

    Chewable children’s multi-vitamins. These are an easy suggestion if you have friends who want to help! 
    Thick & thin dry erase markers and small whiteboards.
    Scissors, staplers, markers, glue sticks, pencil sharpeners, tape, watercolor paints, and other classroom supplies. 
    LAPTOPS! – Samsung Chromebook
    Operating Funds – Join the PEP-Squad!
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Classroom Supplies

    dry erase markers and cleaners
    pencils, pens, markers & colored pencils
    hole puncher, paper clips, tape, staplers and staples
    children’s books in Spanish/English (multiple copies of the same book)
    art & craft materials (paint & paintbrushes, yarn, glue-guns, felt, pipe cleaners, etc.)
    good quality scissors (we have lots of dull plastic ones!)
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Toys, Books, & Craft Items

    Note: Children should have toys, puzzles, and books with characters who they can relate to and who look like them. We encourage you to donate materials that are appropriate for children of any culture or gender.
    Children’s BOOKS in Spanish!
    LEGOS and DUPLOS! Help us build a collection! (All building toys are welcome.)
    craft items – pipe cleaners, beads, glitter, glue stix, etc.
    watercolor paint sets (multiple sets) and paint brushes
    magic markers & coloring pencils
    coloring books, connect the dots, crossword puzzles
    soccer balls, tennis balls, basketballs, etc.
    toy tools, doctor’s kits, firefighter’s hats, etc.
    WOODEN puzzles w/ BIG pieces
    Note: Please, no toys that require batteries.