Vacation Activities Program

Vacation Activities Program, 'VAP', provides educational enrichment, nutritional support, group skills, and creative arts during the November, December, January school break.


The Honduran school year runs from February thru early November and so Vacation Activities Program (VAP) operates during November, December and January while the kids are on school break. Honduras Child Alliance has been operating VAP in El Porvenir each year since 2010.
Recent years have left students in the public schools far behind grade level due to COVID-19, frequent strikes and limited resources, and so, staffed by our combined education-team of international volunteers and local facilitadores and ayudantes, VAP operates along the lines of a “summer camp” experience but also provides daily academic enrichment through games and projects designed to reinforce math, reading, writing, English, and computer skills.

The Vacation Activities Program operates morning and afternoon sessions in 3 locations and reaches about 150-200 children.

• Photo project done by VAP students! •

The education team also introduces computers and science activities and provides creative opportunities through art, drama, and music. The annual talent show is a favorite of students and parents! Sports are popular too and although fútbol rules in Honduras, the children do enjoy the opportunity to try new games. To keep the energy up and supplement nutritional needs, a Healthy Snack is served each day. 
The HCA Education Coordinator coordinates planning and preparation with the in-country volunteers and facilitadores. All participants are welcome to have input into the content of the program. Visit our VOLUNTEERING page for more info on how to get involved with VAP. Return to PROJECTS