The Honduras Child Alliance programs encourage children to share ideas and help each other.



As children develop literacy in Spanish, English, and technology, along with social skills and confidence, they gain the ability to access further opportunities in education and employment.

Our students work to improve their literacy in Spanish and English and are introduced to science and the arts. Many children have never touched a computer and so this essential ‘survival skill’ is included as well. The name of our town is El Porvenir. It means, “the future”. We believe that each child should have the opportunity to discover the range and variety of what they are capable of doing, and by mastering skills to access opportunities, children are able to build a better future.

Developing Access to Opportunities


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    Porvenir Enrichment Program 'plus' (PEP+)

    'PEP+', the Porvenir Enrichment Program 'plus', is HCA’s educational program for children in grades 1-6. Our project-based curriculum focuses on literacy in Spanish, conversational English, and computer proficiency, while also incorporating art, science, teamwork and social skills.

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    Vacation Activities Program (VAP)

    The Honduran school year runs from February thru early November. The Vacation Activities Program, 'VAP', provides educational enrichment, computer practice, nutritional support, group skills, and creative arts during the November, December, January school break.

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    Ayudantes y Facilitadores (Interns)

    Fulfilling a need for ongoing staff to work with the children in our programs, ‘Ayudantes y Facilitadores’ brings Honduran young adults into the classrooms as helpers, instructors, and role models. This is a win/win/win in that it provides work experience and a stipend for the ayudantes and facilitadores, great examples for the kids, and a culturally blended work environment for the international volunteers. Perfect! 

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    Healthy Snacks - Nutrition Program

    The Healthy Snacks Program is providing protein-rich, nutritionally balanced snacks each day while modeling locally available healthy food choices. If you are interested in helping to prevent food insecurity and malnutrition, ask about our nutrition internship!

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    Support for Remote-Learning 

    Due to the pandemic, public schools will remain ‘virtual’ until at least the end of June 2021. Remote learning protects students from the spread of COVID-19, but many students in El Porvenir, don’t have access to a computer or wifi and so this presents a huge challenge as they try to interact with their assignments. Honduras Child Alliance is adjusting the PEP+ schedules to meet these challenges and is providing additional access to laptops and the internet at the PEP-2 and PEP-3 classrooms.

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    PEP-Scholars (for teens and young adults) 

    The aim of this program is to help the teenagers of El Porvenir advance their English speaking ability and computer skills, and to stay engaged in school to complete their education. Scholarships, uniforms, school supplies, and educational supports are provided to the students at both the high school and university levels.

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    PEP-Adultos (Adult English Classes)

    PEP-Adultos is taught by HCA volunteers 2X each week and offers evening classes for beginner through advanced students. Emphasis is placed on conversational English that would be helpful in regard to advanced education along with business and tourism employment. Being bilingual opens many doors in Honduras and our students are very dedicated.

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    Study-Buddies Spanish Instruction (Now is a great time to practice your Spanish!)

    Are you interested in improving your conversational Spanish? Personalized hour-long tutoring sessions are available both in-person and online. All tutors are HCA interns from El Porvenir and are native Spanish speakers. Based on the areas you specify you would like to practice, your Honduran partner will work with you to build your confidence and ability to speak the language!

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    Building Baños

    Throughout the world, there are 2.6 billion people who do not have access to any form of proper sanitation. That means no bathroom, no shower, and no way to effectively dispose of their waste or maintain appropriate hygiene. The children who live in these situations are the most affected by the environmental contamination that comes with the lack of proper sanitation and facilities. For 'Building Baños', we typically build out-house style structures that include a septic tank, toilets, showers, sinks, and walls.

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