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Thank you for moving one step closer to supporting the young people of El Porvenir!

Thank You for moving one step closer . . .

We truly appreciate your interest in the Honduras Child Alliance. Please see below for more information about our staff, students, and volunteers, and how to get involved. 

Gissela's Story

Hi, my name is Gissela Perez and I am 20 years old. I was born in Honduras, and I grew up in a small town that I’m happy to call home. Throughout my childhood, I was surrounded by a welcoming community filled with friends, family, and neighbors that acted as my role models. I’d say that the person I am today comes from the experiences and the values that this community introduced me to. However, when I was fifteen years old, I moved to Alberta, Canada for a better future and opportunities. As a newcomer in Canada, I faced many changes and challenges. Although in my memory those were really difficult times, I’ll be forever grateful for the opportunity that I was given because without it, I wouldn’t be where I am today. When growing up, gratitude and giving back were core actions that created a whole new meaning in my life. After some time living in Canada, I wanted to be involved in something that would allow me to do something similar to what Canada and my old town gave to me. In 2019 I decided to come back to Honduras as a volunteer for HCA. Since day one I was able to feel the passion, love and kindness that both the kids and volunteers put into every class. My time there introduced me to the sincerest hugs and smiles, it gave me experiences like mentoring and discovering the feeling of euphoria when you see the kids learning a new adjective you taught them. I gained friendships, and lessons that I will keep in my heart forever. Before coming here, I had this idea that giving back only worked one way but it turns out it’s a never-ending circle, because what starts with a small action keeps growing until it turns into changing both the person who gives back, as well inspiring the one who receives to do the same. I believe that small actions can lead to amazing chances and changes. Giving back is a powerful action that changes both the receiver and giver. I couldn’t put into words how this amazing experience changed me, but I can assure you that the magic behind small changes are the ones with the greatest impact.

When you decide to become a member of the Honduras Child Alliance family, you will receive a personalised Thank You message from our students, as well as regular publicity via our social media channels, ongoing program updates via our newsletter and personalised communications to let you know how your donation is being used!

Meet our in-country management team!

Your support helps us to provide professional development!

Taber Merren - Administrative Manager

Taber Merren and Dania Mejia are both from El Porvenir and together they lead our blended team of Honduran 'ayudantes', 'facilitadores', and international volunteers!

Dania Mejia - Education Coordinator

We look forward to starting an exciting partnership with you! 

CLICK HERE to donate, and someone from the team will be in touch with you to promote you as a Honduras Child Alliance hero! Need more information, want to arrange a video call, or have questions? Contact us HERE. 

With your help, we can focus on the most urgent needs of our students:

  ● Enhanced access to computers and the internet. Your help makes it possible for students to interact with online school assignments and to build computer competency.  ● Educational Enrichment including literacy immersion in Spanish and English, computer instruction, social skills, art, and more!  ● Nutritious Food via our Healthy Snacks program and 'Food for Families'. Due to the pandemic, many more families are food-insecure, so providing a nutritious snack to students is more important than ever. In addition, providing food-staples to the families of our students provides a level of security when so much else is out of control.  ● Library books!  ● Professional Development and financial opportunities for Honduran young adults via working in HCA's classrooms as part of the Ayudantes y Facilitadores program and as in-country managers.   ● Safe Socialization and personalized attention for children because HCA offers small-group instruction and follows all biosecurity protocols for Covid-19.

These are just a few ways that your gift will help our students build a more secure future. Students have lost more than two years of in-person public school. Your donation helps them engage with their assignments and helps to keep them from dropping out.

→ $250 = 1 Laptop
→ $900 = Provide wifi at two classrooms for one year
→ $1200 = Program supplies for one year (paper, pencils, art supplies, cleaning supplies, snack prep items, etc.)
→ $1500 (X8) = Professional development and stipended internship for 1 local 'ayudante' / 'facilitadore' for one year (We need to cover 8 positions.)
→ $1800 = School uniforms for 60 students who would otherwise not attend school . . . 
→ $2000 = Bilingual books for the library and bookmobile
→ $2000 = Classroom maintenance and upkeep for one year for all 3 classrooms.

→ $2,500 = 10 Laptops More laptops in the classrooms facilitates remote learning and adds to community educational resources for all ages. 
→ $3600 = A nutritious Healthy Snack for one year for each child who attends 
→ $6,000 (X2) = Professional development and stipended employment for 1 Honduran in-country manager for one year. (We have 2 manager positions.)
→ $10,000 = Bookmobile (mobile library) to reach all HCA and public school classrooms in El Porvenir
→ $45,000 = Volunteer Housing
→ $50,000 = Our own 'PEP-Centro' classroom. While we own our other two classrooms, the students in El Centro are currently in a very small classroom borrowed from a local church.

As repercussions of the pandemic continue to linger, we hope that you will give generously! Honduras Child Alliance is addressing a wide range of priorities within our community of El Porvenir, but we can only do this with YOU by our side!

Get ready to change a life, including your own!